Cloud Hosting vs VPS vs Shared Hosting vs Reseller Hosting

Do you want to know! what is cloud hosting? what is a virtual private server(VPS)? what is Shared Hosting or What is Reseller hosting.

Cloud Hosting vs Reseller Hosting

If  You want to know then you are at the right place in this blog we will clear all your doubt about cloud hosting, VPS, Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting through this blog.

Now we will Discuss each of then one by one.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is that types of hosting that enables the website to make an application on it which are located in multiple interconnected servers. 

Cloud hosting is expensive, superfast hosting which is specially for businesses or high traffic website. 

Best cloud Hosting

There are many cloud hosting company that provides hosting services with different different price segments. If you want to purchase cloud hosting for your business then go with google cloud hosting

Google has own server and multiple data center all over the worldwide and google is most trustable company on all hosting service providers.

However other hosting company resell google cloud hosting we will talk later about reselling.


VPS stands for Virtual Private server which means a you are buying a virtual private server or compute with your desire configuration.

VPS is best for Developers , here we can create droplet for our applications and web sites. This is ideal for Small business and blogs.

Best VPS

There are two best VPS company that are Digital Ocean and Vultr you can choose any one of them according to your need. 

We will suggest is you to choose Digital Ocean because it is establish company from years, and you  can find it so many documentation on it how to use it.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is basically a hosting where multiples websites are hosted in single server. Shared hosting are cheap hosting compare with VPS and Cloud Hosting.

Shared hosting is best for beginners who want to learn website development, blogging etc.

Best Shared Hosting

There are really so many company which provides shard hosting some best shared hosting company are Hostgator and Hostinger

Hostgator hosting plans are really great so if you have united states traffic then go for it. Hostinger is also best in shared hosting so you can choose any of them.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is not hosting it is just a business model where the hosting companies provide reselling services to individuals . 

Reseller Hosting is best for developers where he can sell hosting to their clients in a price and make money from that.

Best Reseller Hosting

There are not so many reseller hosting company like shared hosting company . So Resellerclub is best reseller hosting providers company.

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