Web Hosting Business in 2022

 Do you want to create a Web hosting company in 2022 and make money from Web hosting business?

Web Hosting

But you have so many questions in your mind, like how to start hosting business, how money to invest in this business, how much time taken to set up this business.

Most import question how much money we can make from Web hosting company. Is Web hosting profitable? 

There may have so many question in your mind, don’t worry we are here to help you. In this post we will cover all about Web hosting business.

What is Web Hosting Business

Web hosting business is a hosting business where you buy a dedicated or cloud server from server company Digital Ocean , Vultar,  Amazon Web Service(AWS), Google Cloud etc and sell in your branding to customer.

Here you have to make your hosting company for wordpress specific which is built on  php .

Steps For create successful Web Hosting Website

Here are the few steps which will tell you how to start your business and build business so read all steps carefully.

Step 1: Choose your  Brand Name

First of all you have to choose your brand name for your worpress hosting business. There are so many Web Hosting Company like Godaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock, Blue Host , Hostgator etc.

You have to choose uniqe and memorable name for your brand. After you decides your company name first of all you should register your domain as soon as possible , godaddy  or namecheap can be best choice for  doamin

Step 2: Choose Your Server

After Deciding the name of your brand you have to choose your server for your service. For beginner we will suggest you go with virtual private server (VPS) or You can Purchase AWS(amazon web service) .

Some reliable VPS provider are vultr and Digital Ocean . We are using Digital Ocean so I suggest you to start with digital Ocean.

Step 3: Hire Developer for setting up application

After you decide your domain and server. Now you have to built application on in for your business front end back end.

For Developing application you should hire full stack Web Developer with PHP because php is backend of WordPress so prefer php developer over node.js developer.

You can hire developer from freelancing website like fiverr and Upwork.

Step 4: Market Your brand to customer

Most important thing in business is reach out to potential customer of your product. You Should hire a team of marketing.

Nowdays there are some popular marketing techniques are like Influencer Marketing,Affiliate Marketing.

Here we will discuss both of these marketing technique in short.

Influencer Marketing: This marketing techniques is reaching out influencer of particular niche content creator . This technique really work for this Web hosting business.

Affiliate Marketing: In this marketing technique you have give a commission when someone sell your product by link, in this hosting business you should set up affiliate program for your business.

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